Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Long absence, and welcome 2012

2011 was a whirlwind year. Professional commitments, ever-accumulating deadlines and the fervent wish that day should have at least 30 hours characterised the past year. Well, there were rewards, but the way time trickled out through the sieve of the fabric of life was unbelievable. So much has accumulated during the period from the first posts on this blog and my Marathi blog… I hope that I have the time and energy to share it.
The professional rewards of being nominated for excellence in teaching by a multitude of students from different units that I teach and actually winning an award was one part. On the personal front, one classmate from my alma mater (G S Medical College and King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, Bombay) started a Facebook group. A similar initiative was taken by another person who started a group of alumni of LTM Medical College, Bombay. Through these, the internet was finally being fruitful – found innumerable students and friends and a larger-scale sharing began.
So back to the blog with a new infusion of enthusiasm.

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